The Texas Ready 5 Year Guarantee

Because we sell only USDA-certified seed, Texas Ready is the only seed bank company offering a full Five Year Guarantee on the quality of their seed stock.

Any variety included in your bank that doesn’t meet or exceed the USDA germination standards for that breed (within five years from the date of purchase) will be replaced at no charge.

This guarantee covers seed quality exclusively. The following factors will not be covered:

  • Exposure to temperature extremes
    Seeds must be kept inside your Texas Ready ammo box in a climate-controlled environment (ideally within a temperature range of 40-65 degrees, but never exceeding 75 degrees). Excessive heat will kill your seed stock, and freezing can irreparably damage certain breeds.
  • Improper cultivation
    Seeds must be sown at the proper time of year (based on your USDA growing zone) using an accepted, established gardening method that dictates proper soil depth and conditions, and includes adequate (but not excessive) nutrition, irrigation, and sunlight.
  • Climactic events
    This would include a late frost, flooding or drought.
  • Pests & disease
    This would include destruction or damage caused by insects, vermin, pets, wild animals, viruses, nematodes or bacteria.

NOTE: We do guarantee our seeds to be free from infestation when they leave our seed facility. If you keep your seeds in the sealed ammo box and later discover insects inside a seed packet, we will gladly replace those seeds. (When we say sealed, we do not mean that you can’t open your seed bank, only that you must always reseal it when you are done.)

In the event of a claim, we will endeavor to replace your seeds with the same variety. If that is not possible, we reserve the right to substitute a similar variety.