What people are saying about Liberty Seed Banks (& the Seed Lady) . . .

Charlie Alvey

Thank you, Lucinda, for being one of the highlights of the show. I loved your presentation, wit and humor. I’m looking forward to digging into the books I bought from you and planning my fall garden with the seed bank stock.

Amy Garrard

I have never received a package so quickly or wrapped so well, and the box is bigger than I thought. I can’t imagine the size of the Treasury! The video you did for the gentleman at the Denver Expo was AWESOME. After seeing that, I quit looking at the competitor’s products. Your knowledge and thoughtfulness in preparing what goes in these is what gave me the confidence to buy from you! You rock!!

Samantha Usnick

I teach Master Gardeners in Amarillo how to grow vegetables and fruits for their families. Your selections are great and I now have a new personal favorite for a melon. The Ananas is the best tasting melon I’ve ever grown!

Rick & Lauren Crook

I just wanted to express how happy my wife and I are with our purchase of a TEXAS READY Liberty Seed Bank. The communication with Lucinda and Kurt has been second to none! They were both extremely helpful and willing to answer all of our questions prior to our purchase. Our bank was ordered, shipped and delivered within 6 business days. As expected, we were very impressed with the packaging and the care that was taken in putting this fantastic bank together. We have never gardened in our lives, but have a neighbor to guide us, along with the books we received with the seed bank. There are so many varieties in this kit that our only problem has been deciding what to grow first! Do not buy any other seed bank out there…TEXAS READY is definitely the BEST BANK ON THE MARKET! Top notch product, produced by great people who really do care about their customers. These “Marylanders” are now TEXAS READY!

Bobby (at the NRA Convention in Houston)

My bank is producing abundantly. The collards are huge and tender as can be! I have a huge stockpile of seed after only a couple of gardens.

Brian Daugherty

Got my seeds, I am thrilled at the packaging and quality.

Bill Coffey

I purchased a PIGGY BANK last weekend. Your comment about providing enough seeds was spot on, with some envelopes having hundreds of seeds (rather than thirty as commercial packages have). The many varieties were also impressive. My only regret is downsizing and not having purchased the SAFE, per my original instinct. Thank you for making a difference.

Robert Kruse

Hello, received my seed box the day after I ordered it. Wanted to thank your company for the prompt, fast delivery. I will pass your company’s name to anyone looking for this type of product.

Lloyd Duncan

Thank you, very much…I was quite impressed with your assessment and explanation of the need for variety in the same veggie (such as tomatoes). Your devotion, passion and hands-on trials of your trade mean so much more than the “degrees” of others in the same field. You’re doing what people will need to do. Thanks and keep it up!

Bob Keyworth

Just wanted to let you know that we have gotten the best broccoli crop this year from your seeds. By the way, this is our first year to try kale and we are getting a bumper crop there too. Thanks!

Laura & Micah Wright

Lucinda, my husband and I spoke with you at a show in Dallas early last year. You inspired us to take the first steps, and we tried our hand at gardening. I won’t say we were completely successful the first year, but I’m so glad we got our mistakes out of the way now, and not when we don’t have a second chance to learn. We are preparing for our second season, and I look forward to many more years of growing our own fresh food.


It’s so rewarding! And knowing that my own hard labor has gone into growing our food ensures that there is much less food wasted in our home now. My goal is to grow enough this summer to can, dehydrate, and store food for the winter.


Thank you so much for equipping us with the knowledge and the tools to be successful!

The LoneStar Posse

I received our Seed Bank last week. I have been a collector of seeds for several years. I will say that the packaging, quality of the seeds, quantity of seeds and variety is “second to none.”


The well thought out combination of seeds provides me with feed for our animals, the making of cornmeal, [snacks] for the kids, herbs for cooking and medicines plus a variety of different types of vegetables for making tomato sauce or tomatoes for eating, different squash for all seasons, a potpourri of peppers and enough fruit varieties. It’s outstanding.


As if the above was not good enough, you have included seeds for plants that regenerate, enrich and enhance the soil. Buying your seed bank is like having an experienced gardener design a custom garden for you. The packaging of the small seeds in capsules is ingenious and protecting others with pre-emergents and disease preventing coatings ensures the best crop possible.


The ammo box ensures that the seeds stay dry, dark and away from rodents and insects. The reference books are just icing on top of a wonderfully prepared and personalized cake made of seeds.


Thank you Lucinda…you are the Goddess of Seeds!

Joseph Billig

I got my wife this for her birthday. She is ecstatic!

Kat Samuels

Thanks so much for sending us the extra seeds for our TREASURY and PIGGY BANK.


It is so very rare in this day and age to see a company actually follow up like you did and for that I want to thank you as well… When people talk about seeds around me, I’m always telling them to go to texasready.net… How they take care of their customers like no other company I’ve ever done business with 🙂


Thanks again… And happy seeding!

Melissa McDonald

Thanks for producing a great product. I have bought several other long term seed “vaults” that quite frankly suck.

Glenna Callen, Missouri Master Gardener

Recently, I was speaking at a conference where Texas Ready Liberty Seed Banks had a display. I am typically very skeptical of the “survival seed packs” because they are more about marketing than actual value. Besides that, the idea that when you find yourself in need of food you can simply put seeds in the ground and have plenty to feed your family is NOT realistic. However, the book selection on the table caught my eye. They were well chosen.


Then I took a second look at the Liberty Seed Banks and could tell that they had been put together by someone knowledgeable about gardening. Later I returned to talk with the “Seed Lady” and asked lots of questions. I walked away thinking….this lady has done her homework! Perhaps her most telling statement was when she said, “Our goal is no repeat customers – only referrals.”


I’m looking forward to planting from my Liberty Seed Bank this next season and plan to get serious about saving seeds.


Lucinda is like the Noah of seeds! And each ammo can an ark to get us through the “imminent” so to speak.


Lucinda, you rock!

Timothy Litherland

The ammo boxes are what caught my eye. What a clever (and smart) way to package the seeds. My family feels certain of very troubling times ahead. We’ve had purchasing heirloom seeds on our “check list” for some time and just haven’t found the right place to order from. Now, we’re confident of the product and more confident of our future.


She’s “TEXAS” awesomeness. Makes me want to transform my yard.


I’m in love.


I think you just sold me a seed bank, and I don’t even like vegetables. Well, not the ones you are supposed eat, anyway.


Lucinda was great!! Lots of interesting info and ideas. Go Texas A&M!


This girl kicks butt!!!


Lucinda was one of the very coolest and most dialed in folks we met at the Self Reliance Expo. I could listen to her for hours. She has a way of presenting gardening in a very understandable manner . . . she is very approachable and non-threatening . . . if you are a non-gardener then listen up and soak in the info . . . before you know it, there will be gardening books flanking your books on guns and knives and an ammo can holding a seed bank will be standing tall with your ammo reserves!