Texas Ready Trace Element Nutrient Packs


Two 10 oz Trace Element Nutrient Packs to be used by persons growing with the Mittleider Gardening method. (Those who don’t have a copy of The Mittleider Gardening Course may purchase one on this website for $20.)

Bulk Order Discount: Order ten 10 oz packs and save $25!

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These trace elements are to be mixed with N-P-K and Epsom Salt according to the instructions that come with the Nutrient Packs. Each 10 oz pack will make up one 5 gallon bucket of fertilizer. Depending on what you are growing and the number of growing seasons your USDA zone will allow for, you will need approximately one bucket of fertilizer per person per year.

Therefore, if you wish to store up five years of nutrition for four adults, you would need to order ten of these 2-pack units. Additionally, you may wish to purchase a few extra in order to account for unforeseen circumstances, a change in garden plans or additional mouths you may be required to feed.

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